Super-Curriculum 2022-23

Note to students

Many of these Super-Curricular activities require you to work online. The links given within or at the end of each task page will operate in a number of different ways to enable you to practise a range of research skills that you will need for life at university:

  • some will take you directly to the material that you will need;
  • some will take you to the Home page of a website - you will then need to enter information into the search box to access the correct material;
  • some websites operate through a school-based subscription and will require a school login username and password. Check with your class friends or contact your teacher if you are unsure how to get into the site;
  • some tasks are research-based and will need you to search the Internet yourself to find the information.

In any of this work, please be aware that the permissions and filters on your home computers are unlikely to be identical to those on the school network, so be patient if the websites do not immediately respond as you might expect. Please open the links using a computer, if at all possible, to get the full benefit of the presentations your teachers have suggested for your research. 

Remember always to operate safely on the Internet; applying all that you have learnt about online safety whenever you are working. 

Finally, with so many millions of young people across the country using technology to access their school work, many networks are undoubtedly over-loaded at the moment and may operate more slowly than usual. Be patient! Everyone is doing their very best to support your education at this difficult time. 


Key Stage 5: Pre-A-level (Bridging Materials)